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"…I remember a place where during many years, my family and I, we usually went to spend our summer holidays. I still see the sun redden in the calm water, I see the white gulls, the reefs, the beach with its old houses and the small mole, the boats depot and the fishing nets. I remember the bread's smell, the fishermen's voices, the houses with their open doors and people who were always in a good mood…
I loved all, the summer was so long and I was so happy."

From "Childhood memories", by L.P.

Cupra Marittima is a small town located in the famous Riviera delle Palme. It is a pretty and quiet seaside resort, awarded with the Blue Flag for many years (the European certification for the quality of sea water). Its beaches are ideal for children because they aren't crowded and are characterized by crystalline shallow water and fine sand. It is a few minutes away from San Benedetto del Tronto and Ascoli Piceno and it is close to the Sibillini mountains.

The whole area is typically touristic and offers opportunities for cultural, artistic and wine-and-food tours. Cupra Marittima and the nearby towns offer touristic entertainments in the summer evenings. The place offers seasonal markets aimed to support the activities of antique trading, handcrafts and culinary art of the Piceno region.

A 15 km long cycling path, along the beach, lit by night, links Cupra to Grottammare, San Benedetto del Tronto and Porto d'Ascoli. Thanks to its sandy coastline and the numerous palm trees, Cupra is one of the most prestigious centres of the "Riviera delle palme".



An old ruined castle that stands on a hill overlooking the beach. It is what is left of an old medioeval castle that dates back to the Xll century, whose plan you can still see among the remains of S. GREGORIO and S. ANDREA churches.


The old area of the town is on a hill that is named after it. It's a medioeval village surrounded by walls and some crenellated towers. It houses the archeological museum of the territory, the sixteenth-century SFORZA palace, S. MARIA and S. ROCCO churches, dating back to the XIII, XIV and XVII century.


Whose area includes a roman villa dating back to the early imperial age, decorated with amazing frescoes showing fishing and marine life. It includes thermal places of the first century A.C.


The heart of the archeological park. It shows an architecture of great importance as the two arches of the first century B.C. that are next to the staircase of the temple devoted to the Goddess Cupra or to the Capitoline triad. The unique urban layout makes Cupra Marittima an authentic historical and archeological jewel.


A famous museum that boasts the richest and the most complete collection of shells in the world

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