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Tour of Piceno

The name Piceno derives from “Picus”, the woodpecker, the sacred bird that, according to the legend, led a group of young devoted Sabines on the Adriatic coast, respecting the Ver Sacrum (Sacred spring), the ancient religious practice to leave one's own homeland for new destinations. The Picentes were replaced by the Romans, which left numerous traces on the territory: the Roman theatre in Falerone, the Roman-Hellenic sanctuary in Mount Rinaldo, the Roman cisterns in Fermo, the archeological park in Cupra Marittima. Most of the remains discovered in several excavations are now kept in archeological museums in the Piceno area.


Cupra Marittima is the perfect location to start discovering a fascinating world along the streets and squares of the most charming villages in the Piceno region, where monuments of historical, artistic and architectural interest witness a precious heritage of an illustrous past.


Piazza del Popolo, in Ascoli Piceno is one of the most fascinating squares of Italy, surrounded by Palazzo dei Capitani del Popolo, S.Francesco church and Meletti Café. Ascoli, named the “town of one hundred towers”, is a tipical medieval town with influences from Renaissance and Baroque. The travertino stone, mainly used to build houses, churches and squares, is the peculiarity of this unique and particular town.


S. Benedetto del Tronto, main town of the "Riviera delle Palme", is characterized by the long rows of palm trees along the beach and the elegant promenade. The Tower of the Gualtieri family, the Abbey and Piacentini Palace where the Sea Picture Gallery is placed are some of the most important cultural and architectural monuments of the ancient upstream village. The town offers countless attractions for people of every age.


Grottammare, the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea, is a romantic village clinging to the hill, offering the beauty of its flowered promenade and the comfort of its bike paths along the beach.


Ripatransone is also named "the Sightseeing of the Piceno area", thanks to the large view it offers from Monte Conero to Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga. It is remembered for "the narrower alley in Italy" (43 cms in total), that is even included in the Guinnes Book of Records.


Offida a natural dimension where it is possible to recognise the spirit of this Picenum town: the smile of Offida women working on their lacepillow; the smile of a generous and welcoming nature; the smile of a tasty and reveller enogastronomy; the smile dominating the whole carnival that involves people of allages; the pleasant and shared smile during the cultural events; the smile of a town that welcomes all its visitors. Unique centre of natural attractions, buildings and monuments of high historical value, an enogastronomy rich in typical products, high quality wines and precious pillowlaces.

Montefiore dell'Aso

In this beautiful medieval town, located in between the valleys of the Aso river and the Menocchia torrent, you can discover the Collegiate Church of Santa Lucia, which is in the heart of the old town centre, the Adolfo De Carolis Hall, where the famous xylography “Dantes Adriacus” is safeguarded and the Domenico Cantatore Exhibition, renowned Italian painter and illustrator. Montefiore dell'Aso is characterized by fortifying surrounding walls and six towers, dated back to the 15th and 16th centuries. Montefiore is listed among the most beautiful old towns in Italy.

Torre di palme

Torre di Palme is regarded as a panoramic viewpoint on the Adriatic Sea, thanks to its dominant position on the top of a hill. The old town center is marked by medieval and renaissance elements and it is surrounded by the Boschetto di Cugnolo (Cugnolo Wood), protected floristic area. Another interesting destination of excursions is the Grotta degli Amanti (Lovers Cave), stage of the fatal love of Antonio and Laurina during the First World War. Torre di Palme is listed among the most beautiful old towns in Italy.


Moresco strategic position on the peak of a hill, just above Aso Valley, allows visitors to enjoy the wide panoramic landscape from Mount Conero to Gran Sasso Mountain. The triangular shape of the old town has at its summit the heptagonal Tower from the 12th century, house of several art pieces and exhibitions. Moresco is listed among the most beautiful old towns in Italy.


The roots of this town are ancient and trace back to old civilizations such as the Greek Pelasgians, the Picentes and the Romans. Altidona features medieval walls, a watchtower that guards over the Aso Valley and an art panel by Vincenzo Pagani, La Madonna con il Bambino, Due Santi e Donatore, located in the parish church. Altidona is also home to the Fermo Province Photographic Archive, which displays the history of Fermo and surrounding areas.


Fermo is a former Roman colony, then medieval feud and university town, nowadays it's the central core of the famous Footwear District in Marche region. Fermo safeguards some of the most important archeological and cultural locations in Marche region. Its long and noble history can be felt in the Roman cisterns, the Santa Maria Assunta cathedral, the Renaissance Piazza del Popolo and the Aquila Theatre.

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